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Alexis Maciel - Unshackled Ventures

Michael Frankel - Trajectory Capital

Felix Kues - Aurelia Ventures

Aihui Ong - Transform Capital

Carlos Ochoa - Alpha Impact 8

Jay Estefani Castillo - m]x[v Capital

Cara Morphew - Sweater Ventures

Amanda Heyman - Tundra Ventures

Phil Nadel - Forefront Venture Partners

Angela Lee - 37 Angels

Toby McCoy - Studio VC

Zamir Shukho - Vibranium.VC

Brandon Gerson - Expert Dojo

Gabi Monico - Primary VC

Isabella Vahdati - Brighteye

Lauren Reeves - MGV

Ihar Mahaniok - Geek Ventures

Nicole Toussaint - TenOneTen Ventures

Pedro Mesquita - Mindset Ventures

Vishishta Rakesh - Punch Capital

Simon Drake - Sspace Ventures Investors Ltd

Abby Lyall - Tribeca Venture Partners




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